Discover our Eco Balance product portfolio

If you are looking for a sustainable solution for perfect bumper and other repairs, our Eco Balance series products are just the right thing. Perfectly coordinated and developed together, they guarantee a smooth, quick and efficient workflow.

Product range

Glasurit 923-610E

Eco Balance


Thanks to its fast-drying properties and excellent polishability, this clearcoat can be applied universally.

clearcoat 923-610

Glasurit 151-170E

Eco Balance


The primer filler stands out with its good corrosion resistance and excellent finish quality. It is suitable for steel, galvanized steel, aluminum and plastic.

primer filler 151-170

Glasurit 929-61E

Eco Balance

Hardener VOC short

The perfect Eco variant of our hardener range for curing paintwork.

hardener 929-61

Glasurit 839-55E

Eco Balance

Soft-Body Filler

This fast-drying body filler can be used on steel, galvanized steel and aluminum, dries quickly and has good sanding properties.

soft body filler 839-55

Glasurit 523-65E

Eco Balance

Air-drying Additive

Our air-drying additive shortens drying time at room temperature and guarantees better initial and final drying as well as polishability.

for air drying 523-65

Glasurit 523-15E

Eco Balance

Racing Additive

The Eco version of Racing Additive accelerates drying thanks to improved initial and final drying and tape resistance.

Racing Additive 523-15